Arkansas Bigfoot Pictures

Arkansas Bigfoot Pictures
A man comes forward with three Bigfoot photos from Arkansas!  

Recently, a man by the initials of D.M. sent us three Bigfoot pictures that were taken in
Arkansas over a decade ago.  Here are his words that accompanied the photographs:

"...took this in northwest Arkansas between Fayetteville and Fort Smith.  Image 8 photo: It
(the Bigfoot) was hitting two rocks together.  Image 9: It (the Bigfoot) is looking back at us,
while walking away.  Image 10: It bent down, pulled a stump out of the ground and tossed
it at us.  No one was hurt.  To this day, it is still alive that I know of.   Took this photo back
in 1997.
bigfoot sasquatch
Arkansas Bigfoot Picture!
Image 8 of the
Bigfoot in the

Image 9 of the

Image 10 of
the Arkansas

Close-ups of
all three
Bigfoot photos.
Arkansas Bigfoot Photo!
Arkansas Bigfoot Photograph!
Arkansas Bigfoot Close-up 8
Arkansas Bigfoot Close-up 9
Arkansas Bigfoot close-up 10
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