Bigfoot Videos!
Baby Bigfoot!?
Has a baby Bigfoot
been captured on film?

We chase the story of the
supposed tree - swinging
Sasquatch infant
Baby Bigfoot? Hmmm...

It is odd that if Bigfoot is real, there has never been a find of a baby woolly bugger or even a
skeleton, say some skeptics. Well, that may have changed.

A video of some friends hanging out together has surfaced with a startling find in the
background. Swinging high up within the trees is an ape of some sort. Having been filmed
in North America, specifically New York state in the Catskill Mountains, Bigfoot researchers
are wondering if it could be a baby Bigfoot!

Within a nine minute segment of video, an apelike creature moves within a tall tree as if it
were playing. The activity is so pronounced that no one believes it is human. Could it have
been a monkey? If you watch the first part of the video closely, there is also something on
the ground walking up the hill behind the people in the foreground.

Also, when the video is examined closely, you can see an adult lifting a baby up into the
tree! Are we watching the interaction between a parent and baby Bigfoot?

The capture of the baby Bigfoot was filmed at 10:00 pm at night, so these woolly buggers
are nocturnal like everyone believes. Chimps are "diurnal," meaning active during the day.
Experts believe the size of this "baby" Bigfoot to be about five feet tall with long limbs.
"Who could lift a five feet tall person into a tree?" asks one researcher. Bigfoot
investigators claim that no known ape species fits this particular build. Could it be that
young Bigfoot do climb trees, making them "arboreal?"

The Bigfoot was filmed by Doug Pridgen of New Jersey. He was videotaping somebody
talking by a campfire in 1997. Nobody in the film was aware of the ape or baby Bigfoot.
The discovery was made a few years later when transferring the film from 8mm to VHS.
While the movie was on the television set (with a bigger screen), his girlfriend noticed the
monkey swinging in the background and asked about it.
The following videos were brightened to better reveal the apelike figures in the trees. Is it a
baby bigfoot swinging in the trees? You decide...
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