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Best Bigfoot Videos - 5 of the Best
We've picked 5 of the best Bigfoot videos on the Internet. They are popular on YouTube but also have been reviewed, studied and argued about for quite some time (at least with the Freeman footage). Also watch the Top 5 Bigfoot videos, too!

Best Bigfoot Videos: The infamous Freeman footage from 1994:
Best Bigfoot Videos: The Utah Sledriding Bigfoot video:
Best Bigfoot Videos: Camper iPhone Bigfoot Video version 2 (cleaned-up):
Best Bigfoot Videos: Marble Mountain Bigfoot Video:
Best Bigfoot Videos: Stabilized Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Video:
Multiple stabilizations and enlargements, etc of the famous Bigfoot film.
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Longest video of a Bigfoot pissed off that its campsite is being disturbed as it watches from the distance. Includes footage of a Bigfoot shelter!
Cleaned-up version of the camper or tent Bigfoot video. Slowed down and brightened.
Two Bigfoot observe kids sled riding on a mountain ridge in the snow. Very cool Bigfoot clip showing what could be limping Sasquatch caught out in the open!
A massive Bigfoot stomps through some woods while being filmed. One of the best examples of a clear Sasquatch sighting you will see in video.

Th Freeman Bigfoot video has been defended by Sasquatch believers and beaten-up by cynics for many years. It's probably the best example of Bigfoot in a video since the Patterson - Gimlin film (shown below).