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eBay Bigfoot: Sasquatch for sale!
Clifford LaBrecque had a real life encounter
with a Sasquatch, then created a life-like
statue with fur and all. (Clifford must be an
excellent taxidermist, by the way.) After
being stored for 30 years, the stuffed,
massive Bigfoot creature was put up for
auction in July of 2012.

Recently listed on eBay as "Bigfoot
Replica," the giant Sasquatch was placed
for sale on the auction site for a whopping
$80,000. minimum bid. However, the price
tag must have been too high, as there were
no takers. Still, the stuffed fiberglass
woolly-bugger is very intimidating and was
crafted by artisan LaBrecque based upon
hid personal encounter that took place in
1977. The hairy Bigfoot statue is said to be
of museum quality, residing somewhere in
Arkansas. The listing also said the Bigfoot
eyes are realistic, following you wherever
you go. The hands, fingers, toes and other
features are said to be finely detailed.
Woman poses with Bigfoot replica statue
Right: A lady poses with the Bigfoot replica.

Below: Actual screen capture of eBay
Bigfoot for sale listing with LaBrecque
(possibly) admiring the woolly-bugger.
Bigfoot eBay original listing screen capture
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