Bigfoot Hair Samples

Bigfoot Hair Samples
Send Your Bigfoot Hair Samples: Oxford University Wants Proof!
bigfoot hair samples
Bigfoot Hair Samples - Proof!
Bigfoot investigators now have a chance to present their best
evidence to science in order to prove that the cryptid exists. If
you have evidence that you believe will prove that Bigfoot, the
Yowie, the Yeti, the Sasquatch or any other hard-to-find woolly
bugger exists, then please offer your finds to the University of
Oxford. This seems more like a challenge to Bigfoot
researchers to once and for all prove the beast exists and stop
bitching that scientists have turned a blind eye or deaf ear.

What makes this even more interesting is that Bryan Sykes
claims that all he really needs is a hair sample from which DNA
can be extracted. He also promises to remain objective. This
call of the wild should be easy to fulfill. Almost every Bigfoot
scout we know has found footprints and hair samples. Even
more compelling is to think of the great fun one could have simply trekking through a
forest, snatching up every hair fiber imaginable stuck on briars, etc. Surely, one dang
hair must be attainable that will once and for all cement the existence of Bigfoot.

So, here is how to submit your Bigfoot hair samples to Oxford:
(Please no possum or raccoon fibers.)

1) Gather your hairs and describe where you got them.
2) Explain why you think your hairs came from a Bigfoot and why they look different than
any other animal fur.
3) Take a nice photograph of the Sasquatch patch or Bigfoot follicles.
4) Mail off your package, cross your fingers and wait to see if you are one of the lucky
Bigfoot hunters who receives an official Oxford collection kit to intern your hair samples

Here is where you can get the details of what you will need to provide, according to the
submission process, including where to send your Bigfoot proof:

Oxford – Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project

Now is the time to start the process of submitting your Bigfoot hair samples as proof to
Oxford University.
The challenge will run through September of 2012. So send some hair!
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