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Bigfoot Sightings Map: Top Ten States for Bigfoot Sightings
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Bigfoot Sightings Map
The Top Ten States for Bigfoot Sightings & the Best States for a Bigfoot Encounter!
In the United States, there have been many reported brief looks of Bigfoot over the past century; but what are the top ten States for Bigfoot sightings? Given the amount encounters in the Great Northwest, many might think that most Sasquatch reside west of the Mississippi; and they would be right. However, the Eastern U.S. has had its fair share of Bigfoot sightings, as well.

Below, is a map of the top 10 States for seeing Bigfoot:
Top Ten States for Bigfoot Sightings and the numbers as of 2013:
1. Washington - 559
2. California - 425
3. Florida - 248
4. Ohio - 234
5. Oregon - 232
6. Texas - 194
7. Michigan - 174
8. Colorado - 115
9. Missouri - 109
10. Georgia - 108

If we look at the number of sightings of Bigfoot for each State as well as what we might deem, "prime habitat," the following list is where you might stand the best chance at having a Bigfoot encounter.

Best States for a Possible Bigfoot Encounter:
1. Washington (no surprise)
2. California (no surprise, either)
3. Oregon
4. Ohio
5. Texas
6. Idaho (67 sightings of Bigfoot)
7. Tennesee (89 Bigfoot sightings)
8. Michigan
9. Pennsylvania (100 sightings of Bigfoot)
10. North Carolina (78 sighitngs of Bigfoot)
11. West Virginia (86 sightings of Bigfoot)