Our History

Lewis DuPlatt has been studying and documenting Bigfoot for decades,
following in the "big foot" steps of his father.  Maybe, we should back track
a bit.  His father, Ron DuPlatt was hunting white tail deer and wandering
through an Ohio woods in 1956, when he stumbled upon a Bigfoot
creature drinking water from a stream.  At that time, Bigfoot was not a
commonly known animal, as he is today.  Later that day, as Ron began to
search library materials for any other accounts of other Bigfoot sightings,
he was amazed that Bigfoot actually had a history in many cultures.  
Ron's life had changed...or as he called it, "I'm ruined."  This was Ron's
way of describing his total consuming interest in finding and documenting
this amazing animal of the North American woodlands.

Ron DuPlatt began searching the area of the first Bigfoot sighting for
tracks, fur, feces, animal kills and anything else that might help him locate
the Bigfoot, again.  Eventually, he pieced together a trail which led him to
a cave nearby.  It was in 1958 that Ron's obsession with the elusive
creature turned into a full time job of observing Bigfoot.  His brother
Richard owned a construction company of considerable size, and this
allowed him to finance Ron's ambitions.  Eventually in the 1960's, Ron
was able to capture his first video of the creature.  This presented a huge
problem: the responsibility of how to release this invaluable
documentation to the public.  Ron couldn't come to terms with sharing this
incredible creature to the world, as he was concerned about the Bigfoot's
survival.  In his mind, they had become almost "friends."  Could he betray
his secret friends?  Ron DuPlatt died in 1985, at age 74, having never
released his evidence.

Ron's son, Lewis DuPlatt, began going with him into the Ohio wilderness
as a youngster in the late 1960's.  After his father's death, Lewis
continued to observe the Bigfoot animals with his own children -- even to
this day.  He, too, has struggled as to whether or not the release of the
Bigfoot evidence would help or harm the creatures.  Lewis did not only
want to protect the Bigfoot, but he also wanted to honor his father's

In 2005, Lewis DuPlatt had a dream which changed his mind regarding
the Bigfoot evidence.  In Lewis' dream, his father (Ron) was speaking to
him.  Ron urged his son to share the information; and that he had been
wrong not to do so!  Lewis says the dream was so vivid, that he had no
doubt his deceased father visited him from the spirit world to frantically
make a plea to release the Bigfoot evidence...at least some of it.  This
website will attempt to do so...

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