Bigfoot poses with a Bear!

Recently, we received a remarkable photograph of a Bigfoot and bear posing for the camera
together. Now by our expert estimation, this woolly bugger would have to be about 12 feet tall,
unless he is standing upon a stump or log. We have to wonder why the photographer, Donald,
didn't notice the ape-man staring back at the camera? He sticks out like a sore thumb!
Bigfoot Pictures
Bigfoot Bear We are attempting
to track down more
information about
this bear and
Bigfoot picture. If
we are successful,
we will add more
details to this page.

There is little doubt
that this is some
type of primate
hiding in the
background behind
the bear. Bigfoot
appears almost
"gorilla-esque" in
shape! Jane
Goodall would be
happy. The
following blurb is
the only comment
we received from
Donald, who sent
the image to us:

"Here is a picture
that I have of a
bear and what
appears to be a
Bigfoot in the
background. I
circled the possible
Sasquatch for
Bigfoot posing behind a bear
Bigfoot close-up, without bear...
A close-up of the Bigfoot creature sent to us by
Donald. His hair looks like a little like Don King's
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