Bigfoot in California

There have been many Bigfoot sightings in California.  Here are just a few of the thousands of
Bigfoot sightings that have been reported from around California.

On June 3, 2007 two campers were fishing by the side of a river.  The campers heard a noise and
did not think much of it then.  When one of them was brave enough to see what it was, he let out a
whimper.  When they all turned around, they saw an animal known to be Bigfoot.  They quickly
turned back around and went into the creek to try and avoid contact with the scary beast.  Although
the giant ape did not appear to be vicious, they were not ready to take any chances. One day later,
they went back to get some of their camping gear and the only thing that was disturbed was their
bait.  They think that the creature smelled the bait and went for an easy meal.

Several other events have happened in California that have made a big contribution to Bigfoot.  
Recently in Del Norte County California, Alex, a young boy, was playing outside when he told his
mom he saw what is known to be Bigfoot.  His mom was not convinced.  Then her thirteen year old
daughter decided to check it out on her own through binoculars.  The young girl saw Bigfoot
crouching by a tree, staring right at the girl.  Her friend saw another Bigfoot running down a hill.  
The girl was scared and was afraid to speak.  She drew a picture of the Bigfoot and the drawing was
a sketch of something related to an ape.  When they decided to check it out the next morning, they
discovered big footprints of the ape-like creature.

In San Francisco, California, another man encountered Bigfoot.  He decided to pull off the highway
to let traffic flow by for a minute.  There beside his vehicle he saw what he said was a dirty and filthy
ape.  He heard it let out a thrilling yell, then out of fright the man yelled back.  The creature went
back down the hill and ran away in the tree line.  A day later, a man was driving on a highway when
he thought he saw a bear crouching down beside the highway.  When he got closer to the creature,
he thought he was looking at a human figure.  When he got even closer, the creature ran down into
the woods.  When he reported seeing the thing, he realized that he had probably just seen a rare
sighting of Bigfoot.

Many California Bigfoot sightings have often occurred in Humbolt County, California.  Deep in the
woods many people and tourists have said to see a huge human like creature.  People have
reported seeing a flash of an ape like creature running through shrubs and when they looked to
see what it was, it was gone.  People have said they saw a bear.  But Bigfoot researches say that
when Bigfoot crouches down most people think it’s a bear, as that is the only rational explanation to  
what they had encountered.  Some in California also report having seen some type of big furry
creature drinking on the side of creeks and eating berries.  But more common things than seeing
Bigfoot in the woods is hearing or seeing traces of of the creature, whether it's footprints or broken
branches and twigs.  Hunters say they have never seen any tracks similar to what Bigfoot tracks
look like.  There have been hundreds of reports in California - just maybe Bigfoot is real.

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