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Bigfoot Pranks – More Proposed Bigfoot Pranks We Received
We've teamed up with and Found a winner!
We found someone who can create a great Bigfoot prank. Our winner is receiving an adult
Bigfoot costume from to pull it off. Below are more submissions.
Bigfoot Costume Prank, Trick, Fool!
Virginia Camping Bigfoot Prank
What i want to do as a prank is get my little brother and
his friends ready for a night outside for camping and tell
stories about Bigfoot, getting them a little spooked about
it. The next day, my best friend will walk them through the
woods and ask them what they remember from the Bigfoot
stories the night before. And while some explain, I'll walk
through the woods in the suit and stop and turn to look at
them. While they start to freak and run away, I'll chase
them for a bit, grunting and tossing branches everywhere
and then run off. We have been planning this for a while
now and we could really pull it off with your costume! So,
please pick us; it will be epic! - Cameron, Virginia

Neighbors Spooked by Bigfoot?
How would I prank others if I had the costume? I heard
that the people who live in my apartment are going
camping in the woods, so i thought I could go to where
there going and prank them into thinking they saw a
Bigfoot. – Brian, Georgia
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Mount Hood Bigfoot Ruse
Dear Bigfoot people, my name is Logan. My plan, in order to prank people with the Bigfoot costume,
since I live in Oregon - Bigfoot country, is to go up on Mt. Hood, in the woods near the highway, and
walk in the trees where people can see me and stop and look. I know they will freak and jump out of
their cars to catch me or take a photo of me, but I will be able to go into the woods. This is the
perfect Bigfoot prank because people will truly believe it was Bigfoot. I am the best Bigfoot pranker
alive! Represent Bigfoot! Choose me! My #1 hero of all time is easily Bigfoot! - Logan, Oregon

Gorge-ous Bigfoot Idea
Here is my prank scenario if I had a cool costume. Deep in the Appalachian Mountains of North
Carolina lies the Nantahala Gorge. It is so deep, the aboriginals named the area "nantahala" which
translates to Land of the Mid-day Sun, which is about the only time of day the bottom sees sunlight.
This is the area where Atlanta abortion clinic bomber, Eric Rudolph, hid for years despite intensive
FBI manhunts. Through this rugged and scenic gorge runs three corridors that make it perfect for
lots of people to see Bigfoot without risk of capture: US Highway 64, the tourist trains of the Great
Smokey Mountain Railroad, and the Nantahala River, the busiest rafting and kayaking river in the
country. A great scenario would be to have Bigfoot in the woods between the railroad, which hauls
hundreds of camera-toting tourists through the gorge and the river, where hundreds of camera
wielding paddlers float by. Time the encounter so that a scheduled train is rolling along, near a play
spot in the river with an escape vehicle parked around a road bend. Maybe Bigfoot could toss a
rock or two at the train, do a tree knock or two, then hightail it out of there once the train is gone.
YouTube would be abuzz within hours! - Sean, South Carolina

Bigfoot Antics
How I'm going to prank my friends into believing they saw a Bigfoot is, I will hide in the woods while
my friend is riding his four wheeler through the woods. When I see him coming, I will walk across the
path and up a hill (if he stops, I will howl like Bigfoot, then run off into the woods). If he gets off his
four-wheeler and chases after me, I will howl again and throw rocks like Bigfoot does. Then I will pick
up a log and hit a tree, then howl again, and finally disappear. I will do more pranks too, on more
friends. - Dash, Ohio

State Park Hype Over Bigfoot?
I work at a wooded state park and would love to have this costume to create legend and lore for the
park. Walking amongst the trees at the edge of the campground, I would have access to about 1500
people each weekend. I've been given permission to scare and create some excitement. This would
be a lot of fun for sure.  - Alan, South Dakota

Wildlife Even Pranked by Bigfoot!
Good day. What a great idea, giving away a costume for a well-made prank! This is the view from
my house. My wife and I often sit out front to watch the deer, coyotes, and other wildlife. We have
been discussing the possibility of creating a Bigfoot prank utilizing our location bordering thousands
of square miles of Hoosier National Forest. There have been reports of Bigfoot in our area, so this
would be totally believable. The only thing is we don't have the costume.

Anyway, the idea is to get the costume and sit in the peninsula of trees you see on the left. Deer,
every evening, congregate in the field straight ahead. Once the deer are in location, we could
walky-talky the person in the costume to step out of the woods and creep up on the unsuspecting
deer. From this distance, scale would be hard to determine and look very believable with "real"
wildlife in the shot. I have some background in video production so I know we could make this look
darn perfect. Thanks for the opportunity! This is exciting, looking forward to working with you!  -
Seth, Indiana

Redwoods Forest Bigfoot
Ok, I live in the Redwoods in Felton, California. I would have a party with lots people. Then, I would
slip out, slip on the costume, and approach the outside party from behind a Redwood tree, and
then, walk briskly out of the area. - Barb, California
WINNER! Bigfoot Prank Experiment
I am so happy to see this contest.

I am involved quite a bit on a forum about "the paranormal,"
and Bigfoot is one of my favorites. (I am a skeptic.) I have
used trail cameras for the last 5 years in parts of Southern
Oregon to attempt to silent some people about their existence.
I live on the Oregon Coast (Southern), and I have wanted for
years to have a Bigfoot suit. I am very close to Highway 101
(500 yards down my easement ), and I have had dreams of
using a costume in different ways as the "tourists" and some
locals drive north and south. I have numerous spots and
campgrounds I would like to use also, Cape Blanco for one. So
Bigfoot Costume Prank  - Contest Winner!
in short, I would use the costume and video tape different scenarios around Southern Oregon,
camp grounds, Highway 101, and also the Redwoods in California, and with trail cameras. I would
use this footage more as an " experiment " to show how easily people can be fooled.

I hope this is enough to convince you I would use this costume more than once, and would use it
where it would be seen by many.
 - Robert, Oregon

Congratulations, Robert! We cannot wait to receive and promote your Bigfoot videos of pranks and
tricks that demonstrate how easily people can be fooled. BFRO and Cryptomundo, be prepared.
Oregon is about to become alive with quite a few Bigfoot reports!

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