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Bigfoot Documentary

The following is the Bigfoot documentary from A & E's Ancient Mysteries.  Quite a good Bigfoot
documentary broken down into three videos...
This Bigfoot documentary was
aired in 1994 and is roughly
fifty minutes in length.  The
Bigfoot documentary begins
with the narration:

"It is said to move silent and
swiftly through the
undergrowth...towering over
everything it passes.  It strides
in the woods as little more
than a shadow.  It has
exceptionally large shoulders
and walks like a heavily
muscled beast leaving giant

Over the last two centuries,
there have been thousands of
people who have claimed to
see a giant hairy beast lurking
in the forest of North America.
All fifty US States and the ten
Canadian provinces have
reported sightings or found
tracks of this mysterious
animal.  Over the decades,
these claims have been the
root of many legends.  In the
dense timber of the Pacific
Northwest, where the animal is
most commonly reported,
these legends have been
immortalized and brought to

This phantom creature has
been known by many names,
"hairy ghost," "Indian Devil,"
"Sasquatch," and more
recently, "Bigfoot."  The lure
of the unknown has led many
scholars and adventurers to
the trail of Bigfoot.  Over the
years, the creature has been
examined and exploited in
many ways; from in-depth
magazine essays, to television
appearances, to serious
scientific inquiries. Through it
all one question still remains:
Does such an animal exist?
Remaining undiscovered by
modern science?  Or, is
Bigfoot a hoax of gargantuan
proportions that has
continued for hundreds of
This Bigfoot documentary presents a plausible explanation to the video footage and evidence,
especially as to what eyewitnesses saw.  It seems like all major components of the Bigfoot story is
covered, from the first sightings of the creature in the 1800's to those most current (in 1994).  

Leonard Nimoy originally narrated this Bigfoot documentary. The documentary is one of the better
videos created on the subject matter of Bigfoot.  The primary sources for this Bigfoot documentary
are the late Grover Krantz and Peter Byrne, (Bigfoot Research Project out of Mt Hood, Oregon).

Of note, this Bigfoot documentary includes the Scott Herriett/Daryl Owen Bigfoot footage of a
purported Sasquatch moving within some bushes.  There hasn't been much further coverage of
their Bigfoot footage anywhere, but in this documentary.
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