Bigfoot Evidence

Many want to see evidence of Bigfoot, so we decide to post Bigfoot evidence
that we receive from our viewers on this page.  You can send in your Bigfoot
evidence to

Many believe Bigfoot is a farce and doesn't exist.  Well, if you won't believe our evidence
of Bigfoot, then we might as well post others' Bigfoot evidence.
bigfoot evidence - NY Bigfoot
Left:  Denise H. of New York sent
us these two photos of Bigfoot
evidence, which obviously have
something large in the treetops:

"These are two different
Bigfoots.  One is a small one; the
other is an incredibly large one.  
They have had several contacts
with me and my son."
bigfoot evidence - NY Bigfoot
We received this stunning photograph of Bigfoot posing
behind a bear, something that was unknown to the
photographer at the time. To see more of this Bigfoot
evidence, visit our page:
Bigfoot & Bear.
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