Bigfoot Face?
June 23rd, 2011 a press conference was called by Jeffrey Gonzalez of Sanger Paranormal to reveal
what was claimed to be the face of Bigfoot. We've got the photos to review, so are they from a
Bigfoot face? Here's the story...

Memorial Day weekend, Jeffrey and his posse of Bigfoot trackers were up in the High Sierras near
Fresno, California. They had a four wheel drive vehicle and Jeffrey's Ford pickup. The weather was
not so good, which created muddy conditions: The pickup truck was two-wheel drive and got stuck
in mud. Abandoned, Jeffrey Gonzalez and a friend would return three days later to retrieve a laptop
left inside of it.
Bigfoot Pictures
Bigfoot Face or Farce?
Here's where the story gets good.
As they made their way up the
road that led to where the truck
was stuck, the two men
encountered criss-crossing
branches in their way. Jeffrey and
friend had to removed the
branches from the road in order to
pass only to encounter another
set of branches on the road a little
further. Then, they encountered
rather large tree stumps blocking
their path and had to remove
them, too. And lastly, larger trees
blocked the road which took the
men time to clear out of the way
before they could get to the Ford

It was around these trees that
unusual, large footprints were
discovered that did not look
human or bear-like. They also
found hair samples at the truck.
What really caught their attention,
however, was a detailed
impression from an animal left on
the truck's driver side window.
Sanger Paranormal believes it was
not left by a known animal or
human being. Could it reveal
detailed hair and wrinkled face?
As of this writing, DNA testing is
said to be underway.
Above right: Bigfoot face photo that first appeared on Facebook before being pulled for the press

Below: Several photos of the impressions left on the glass of the Ford F150 truck. Were they left
by a Bigfoot face and hands, or was a rather large animal, such as a bear, looking in the window?
Above: Illustration showing what looks like print
marks made by a bear, not a Bigfoot face.

Left: Video from Sanger Paranormal about the
Bigfoot face print...
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