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Bigfoot - Facts

What are the facts concerning Bigfoot?  

Bigfoot is an interesting phenomena, and one which has little facts surrounding the stories.  
Yet, we will give you the top Bigfoot facts, then the common descriptions, beliefs, etc.

Bigfoot Facts #1: People have spotted Bigfoot creatures for over four hundred years, describing
the creature as hairy men; creatures of the forest.  
Sightings of Bigfoot-type cryptids have taken
place all over the world, with tribal cultures (such as
Native Americans and Bigfoot) having lore of
such a man-beast.

Bigfoot Facts #2: Bigfoot footprints have been found and reported for over seventy years.

Bigfoot Facts #3: As long as people have been spotting Bigfoot animals, just as many or more
have been faking evidence of the same.  From producing
Bigfoot costumes, fake tracks, to
Bigfoot evidence, hoaxsters have duped friends and family into believing they had an
experience with Bigfoot.  Today, Bigfoot sightings still occur, whether real or not, it is up to you to

Bigfoot Facts #4: No one has yet produced a "smoking gun" that proves the existence of Bigfoot.  
There have been many
Bigfoot videos, Bigfoot stories, and Bigfoot sounds, hair, and foot tracks
claimed to be proof of the legendary animal's existence.  Yet, to date, there has been no live
body, or carcass found that would put the Bigfoot debate to rest for good.

Bigfoot Facts #5: Descriptions of Bigfoot have varied in height, weight, and color.  Most Bigfoot
descriptions claim Bigfoot to be between seven and eight feet tall.  Some Bigfoot creatures have
been described as tall as fourteen feet, and as short as five feet.  Color descriptions of Bigfoot fur
have ranged from black, white, brown and even red.  Many Bigfoot stories describe the beast as
being one of foul odor, weighing between 300-800 lbs.

Bigfoot Facts #6: The origin of Bigfoot has been bantered about by researchers for years, as
there are various theories as to where a giant ape-man could have come from.  Some believe
Bigfoot is closely related to humans, while others believe Bigfoot originated from a long-extinct,
giant ape.  Yet, others propose that Bigfoot is some sort of highly-evolved creature, or even an

Bigfoot Facts #7: Bigfoot diet has also varied, with some believing Bigfoot eats only vegetation.  
Others claim Bigfoot makes deer kills, working together for the kill.  Many believe that the sheer size
of Bigfoot would make it impossible for such an animal to survive solely on vegetation.

Bigfoot facts #8: It is believed that Bigfoot animals migrate, from region to region, possibly for
mating purposes, habitat, or available food.

Below is a video of the Undisputed Bigfoot facts by BFRO:
Bigfoot Facts!
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