Bigfoot Hunters?
Discovery of 1800s' photographs proves Bigfoot hunters (and Bigfoot) existed!

Attempting to dig up the information about Bigfoot hunters from before 1950 can be quite
a chore. Most of the records kept by hunters of the woollybugger seem to either be lost (or
maybe hidden by family members who didn't want to risk embarrassment or harassment
from skeptics of Bigfoot. Geesh...). Try and find information about any Bigfoot hunters from
before 1900 and the evidence of their existence is nil. It's a mystery, almost as if there
work in cryptozoology has completely vanished.

We have wondered for some time what it must have been like to be a hunter of Bigfoot
when North America was heavily wooded and habitat for Sasquatch remained virtually
undisturbed. Could cryptid encounters with Bigfoot hunters been something more common
out in the wilderness? Were these men more adept at tracking than modern day Bigfoot
hunters? Did frontiersmen go hunting for Bigfoot? Ah, the questions continue to fill our
heads; but, maybe we now have a glimpse into the lives of 1800s Bigfoot hunters.
Bigfoot Pictures
Bigfoot Hunters Found
Recently, we received
some credible Bigfoot
photographs that we
believe were taken with
an 1863 wooden box
camera. The Bigfoot
photos are tintype,
meaning they were
produced by creating a
positive onto a sheet of
metal. You can tell that
these photos dried
quickly out in the heat of
the day as the
photographer captured
the men at work. If these
were fake, uh, who is
even capable of this
Bigfoot Hunters Picture
type of photography in this day and age? Also, look at the period dress and firearms..truly
authentic! (Did we mention to look at what the men are holding in their hands?)
Bigfoot Head
Above: Photo of
Bigfoot hunters
holding their prize.

Right: A close-up
of the Bigfoot
head. Like men in
the 1970s, the
heavy mustache is
quite typical on the
male Bigfoot face.
Bigfoot Hunters' Evidence
From the best that we can tell, these
photographs were taken in the Pennsylvania
wilderness on a hot day. Apparently, these
machete-toting, gun-wielding Bigfoot hunters
did not mess around! If you look closely at
their second photo (below), you will notice
some incredible Bigfoot evidence! Apart from
the obvious plaster foot cast, the men also
appear to possess Bigfoot teeth and jaw!
Bigfoot hunters showing Bigfoot pieces and parts!
Kim from GP Research
showed us these
Bigfoot images in
confidence. We begged
him to let us share them
with the world in order to
prove, once and for all,
that Bigfoot and
Sasquatch hunters are
very much an important
part of North American
culture and lore. He
refused, so we snuck
the images out and
copied them (Please
don't let him know).
Bigfoot Teeth and Jaw
The Bigfoot hunters display pieces and
parts of the woollybugger! Notice how
the guy on the left is dressed like a

A close-up of the above photo reveals
the man on the left is brushing some
Bigfoot teeth in this enlargement.
Those are quite a set of choppers on
that Sasquatch - definitely not
something you want sunk into your arm!

A Bigfoot jaw sits nearby. (We are
wondering if Dr. Gladstone and his
Bigfoot skeleton would like to see this?)
A big thanks to Kim of
GP Research for
unwittingly providing us
this evidence, er,
photographs for
publication. We were
amazed by the ghost
research this dude is
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