Mars Bigfoot

Bigfoot on Mars?

Wow!  Has Bigfoot been spotted on Mars by the NASA Rover?  Read this and see the
picture that has startled millions!

Bigfoot has been sighted across the United States and other countries around the world, but could
it be possible that the latest find on Mars could lend credence to those who have theorized for
decades that Bigfoot is some sort of extraterrestrial creature that can move in and out of our earthly
plane?  Is Bigfoot so elusive, due to the creature's ability to vanish in plain site and remain hiding
through invisibility?  Can Bigfoot hide on another planet?  The latest picture taken on Mars by NASA
may make some people think so, but skeptics disagree.
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Bigfoot sitting on a Mars rock?
This image at right captured on
Mars by NASA, looks like a Bigfoot
resting or sitting on a rock.  And
why wouldn't he rest?  He has no
human threat on Mars, now does
he?!  The figure just looks too
strange in shape to just be
"shadows of rocks" as scientists call
the anomaly.

Mars Explorer Spirit beamed back
the image to Earth around January
24, 2008 and has excited many
people.  Some have called it an
alien, while others describe the thick
bodied being as a little Bigfoot.
What's intriguing is the fact that the image showing the humanoid shape would easily be identified
by anyone's eye as looking human or ape-like in form.  This is a fine example of what's known as
anthropomorphizing, an effect of the human eye and brain searching for recognizable images we
can readily identify with.  Call it our want to associate with others...uh, find a friend, so to speak.

Though what appears as Bigfoot on Mars looks truly compelling and delicious to the eyes, it is
most likely a wind-ravaged crop of rocks on the red planet.  The Bigfoot on Mars image shown
above was cropped out of this stunning Mars panorama called
sols 1366-1369 as shown below:
Mars Bigfoot Panorama!
Little Bigfoot Pictures
This shows image
montage of
different views of
the "little Bigfoot,"
as captured
through the rover
Spirit's eyes.  Truly
this anomaly on
the Mars' surface
is not very big at

NASA / JPL / Cornell /
Emily Lakdawalla
What may be more amazing is the fact that the Rover, actually two of them have been snapping
pictures from Mars for four years.  They were only supposed to last up to possibly six months, yet
today they are still beaming back today an incredible collection of photographs from the surface of
the very cold, wind-strewn, barren, and of course, "red" planet.  
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