Bigfoot Pictures - 2005
Bigfoot hiding in brush near Bolivar, Ohio.
bigfoot pictures
bigfoot picture pictures The left bigfoot pictures
were taken in 2005, in
dense underbrush.  My
sons and I were tracking
this behemoth when we
lost him.  He seemingly
disappeared before our
eyes!  Well, as we
searched around us in
the dense brush, we
figured he still must be
near us.  We could smell
a "musty" odor that was
similar to the scent left
behind at other bigfoot
sightings we have
encountered over the

After about ten minutes,
we noticed a dark object
move ever so slightly in
the distance.  We
remained still, but
focused the camera in on
the black shape and took
numerous photos.  The
above bigfoot pictures
were the best of the
grouping we took that
day.  Click on the bigfoot
pictures to see
bigfoot picture