Bigfoot Research
Our collection of Bigfoot research
information for you to review.

This research has taken place for decades from
our family.  We believe we have presented the
best proof of Bigfoot with this research.

Bigfoot Research

The bigfoot research on this page represents only some of
our collection of insightful observations of the bigfoot

Bigfoot research is obviously slow and difficult, as one
may imagine.  It is not easy to find such animals in the
wild (or captivity, tee hee), as evidenced by their infrequent sightings.However, our decades of relationship building with a
local bigfoot family has allowed us to not only gain their friendship, but to also give us the ability to observe bigfoot lifestyle
more frequently for our research purposes..

The pages of bigfoot research you will find here shall catapult you, the reader, into our world of bigfoot exploration and study.  
Be prepared to be amazed at the research findings, as bigfoot is revealed to you and the entire world.  Yes, bigfoot is real...
Bigfoot Research

Bigfoot Communication
How do Bigfoots speak
with one another -- are
they psychic?

Bigfoot Theories
Ideas about what this
giant could be.  Is he an
alien, ape or hominid?

Bigfoot Sounds
What does Bigfoot or
Sasquatch sound like?  
Get ready to crap...

Bigfoot Videos
Here is video evidence of
Bigfoot!  Real OurBigfoot
footage research.

Woman With Bigfoot
Quick size comparison
picture and research

Bigfoot Facts
Bigfoot research has
turned up these basics...

Proof of Bigfoot
Will anyone ever "prove"
that Sasquatch exists?
Bigfoot Research

Bigfoot Attacks
Reports of Bigfoot attacks
on animals and humans...

Bigfoot Costume
This is our research into
how it's done!

Bigfoot Sasquatch
What is the difference
between them?

Bigfoot Pictures
Bigfoot images we
captured from our research

Bigfoot Footprints
See some impressions of
bigfoot tracks...

Bigfoot in California
Research of just a few
reports of Bigfoot in the
Golden State...

Porcupines & Bigfoot
Do porcupines eat the
bones of Bigfoot?
Bigfoot Research

Photo simulation of a
woolly bugger based upon
our interaction and
research with the bigfoot
Bigfoot Research

Bigfoot History
Bigfoot information at its
best!  Research history of
the Sasquatch...

Bigfoot Diet
What do Bigfoots eat?  
They eat more than nuts
and berries...

Bigfoot Shelters
Where does Bigfoot live?  
You will be surprised to find
out the research findings.

Bigfoot Sightings
Bigfoot sightings are as
elusive as UFOs or other
paranormal things...

Bigfoot & Native
Did North American Indian
Tribes know about Bigfoot?
Here's some brief research.

Bigfoot Migration
We experimented with
tagging a Bigfoot with a
GPS chip.  Oh, boy...
big foot picture
Bigfoot Research

Bigfoot Evidence
Photos and stories
submitted by our readers.

Bigfoot Hair Samples
Oxford University seeks
submissions to prove
Bigfoot exists!
This website is intended for entertainment purposes only.  
It is for fun, and fictional at best.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!
This website is intended for entertainment purposes only.  It is for fun, and fictional at best.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!
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