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A Bigfoot sighting in the Eastern United States other than Ohio or Florida?  Possibly, yes!

We received an e-mail concerning a Bigfoot sighting having occurred in North Carolina where the
Great Smoky Mountains meet the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This area would be known as the Blue
Ridge Parkway.  

Here is a map of the area that encompasses the Bigfoot sighting:
Bigfoot Sighting Map

The following is the e-mail we received concerning the Bigfoot sighting:

"Your answers lay in the mountains of North Carolina; Blue Ridge Mountains to be exact. There you
will find your proof.  I have encountered Bigfoot several times, where the Blue Ridge Mountains
meet the Great Smoky Mountains.  This is a very large wilderness area, and could hide something
of this nature without ever being caught...unless your as lucky as I.  I have been lucky enough to
encounter this creature on two separate
camping trips."

So there you have it...all the clues to begin searching for Bigfoot and having your own Bigfoot
sighting take place!  

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Bigfoot Sighting!!
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