The Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape
What is the Skunk Ape?  Find out more about the Southeastern US Bigfoot...

The Skunk Ape, which is sometimes called the “Florida Skunk Ape” is a hominid of crypto-zoology
fame and believed to inhabit the southeastern United States.  Many believe the Skunk Ape to
inhabit the Everglades in Florida, but it has also been reported in Oklahoma, Arkansas, North
Carolina, California, Georgia, and as far north as Tennessee.
Skunk Ape Bigfoot
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The Skunk Ape
Many believe the animal just may be the same as the Bigfoot
species and therefore simply sighted in different locations. The
only real difference one can delineate between Bigfoot and the
Skunk Ape would be the stronger, more pungent, skunk-like
odor of the Skunk Ape.

The Skunk Ape is probably just another name for the creature
many call Bigfoot, and obviously is differentiated due to the
strong stench that is often described during its sighting.  Most
Bigfoot researchers agree that Bigfoot animals have an odor to
them that one might never forget, but the Skunk Ape seems to
have a stronger odor.  The stronger odor of the Skunk Ape is
most likely due to its habitat of warm temperatures, high
humidity, and moist environment.  Some Skunk Ape researchers
believe the animal also struggles with mangy fur being
aggravated by the warm, climate and swamp conditions.
far right: Famous Skunk Ape Photo.
Skunk Ape sightings were prominent in the 1960’s and 1970’s, though many still try and track the
elusive beast, today.  Some call the Skunk Ape the “Fouke Monster” or the “Knobby” and is
believed to only be local legend according to the US National Park Service.  Like Bigfoot, the
Skunk Ape appears to be walk on two legs, standing between 7-8 feet in height.  There are
anonymous photographs called the “Myakka Skunk Ape” photos that made there way to the
Sarasota Police Department in 2000.  Many believe these two be a Skunk Ape captured near
vegetation in a woman’s backyard (according to the letter accompanying the Skunk Ape pictures.  
The woman claimed to be feeding the Skunk Ape apples nightly, and eventually was able to
capture it in pictures.  There is also a Skunk Ape video that is quite intriguing.

Skunk Ape Letter
Skunk Ape Video
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