bigfoot theories
Bigfoot Theories

There are many bigfoot theories floating around which try and explain what people are
seeing in American forests.

Our theories about bigfoot are simple: Though many hoaxes, false sightings and elaborations have
occurred, bigfoot truly exists and is closer to being human than just an intelligent ape. However, let’s
briefly explore different bigfoot theories that people believe:

Bigfoot Theories: Bigfoot doesn’t exist.  Many believe that bigfoot is either a giant hoax, or that
people are seeing things created by the mind through fear.  Some of the problems with bigfoot
theories that claim it all as just an elaborate hoax, are the many years of eyewitness accounts and
physical evidence of hair and footprints with never-before-seen dermal ridges.  Also, one must
consider most of the sightings of bigfoot are primarily located in the same geographical regions.

Bigfoot Theories: Bigfoot is a primate related to humans and apes.  Many crypto-zoologists
have bigfoot theories centered upon this idea in some form or another.   While walking upright as
humans and having obviously a higher intelligence than most animals, bigfoot appears to be closer
to humans than they initially look.  This is also true when one observes their foot prints which
resemble hominids (humans) more than apes.

Bigfoot Theories:  Bigfoot is a caveman.  Could bigfoot be an ancient form of man?  Not likely,
but still a very interesting theory.

Bigfoot Theories: Bigfoot is a different type of animal.  Some of the bigfoot sighting reports
make one wonder about this theory.   Some theories suggest that bigfoot’s elusiveness is due to the
animal’s ability to disappear – re-appear, and change shape and form.  People have reported
bigfoot tracks that seemingly end abruptly with no explanation.

Bigfoot Theories: Bigfoot is a giant ape.  One of the bigfoot theories that has become a hot
topic of late is the idea that bigfoot is an ancient ape called Gigantopithecus (a giant cousin of the
orangutan) that has been presumed extinct.  However, bigfoot tracks show that the giant creature’s
foot resembles human beings, than it does a large ape, as it does not have a divergent big toe.  
Also, hair samples appear to be more closely related to humans, than they are to the ape family.

Bigfoot Theories: Bigfoot is an alien.  Again, due to the elusiveness of bigfoot, some believe
bigfoot has the ability to disappear, then re-appear.

Bigfoot Theories: Bigfoot is a demon.  This is the weakest theory based upon religious fear,
having no merit.  This theory also does not mesh with bigfoot animals being docile in nature.
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