Bigfoot Thermal Image!
June 2010 was an amazing month for Bigfoot researchers.
Earlier in the month, Bigfoot researcher Michael Greene  of released video showing Bigfoot captured by a
thermal image camera.

The thermal image of Bigfoot has been called
“the most
important footage of a Sasquatch since the Patterson/ Gimlin
film taken over 40 years ago”
by BFRO head Matthew
Moneymaker. The three minutes of thermal imaging film is
dubbed by Bigfoot researchers the “squeaky footage.”
(Apparently, the Sasquatch has been heard playing with dog
squeaky toys in the same area.) It was filmed at a campsite in
North Carolina in April 2010.
Thermal Image of a Bigfoot
Michael Greene has been researching Bigfoot for 20 years and knew that the woolly
bugger had been entering the fringe of abandoned campsites for years. The problem was
trying to catch evidence of the sneaky creature. So, he tried a new technique for luring,
leaving, and thus, filming Bigfoot!

While on an expedition to capture Bigfoot evidence and at 11:30 at night, Greene heard
noises just outside of his camp. Having missed other opportunities to film Bigfoot, Greene
placed a Zagnut candy bar on a stump near the campsite and set a camouflaged thermal
imaging camera on top of a tripod a good distance away from the food. He elected to
leave the area for two hours on a whim. Michael later discovered the thermal image of a
massive biped crawling low in the forest and messing with the bait. The hulk-size monster
snuck up to the area 30 minutes after Greene left the campsite. These findings alone tell us
more about how Bigfoot animals operate around humans and why they are so elusive.
Short excerpt from the full video offered by Michael
Greene. The full clip is offered for download and
purchase at

Could this be the most important evidence and
discovery of Bigfoot in 40 years?
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