Bigfoot Video - Dusk 1993
Filmed outside of Bolivar, Ohio in the evening.
bigfoot videos
The above bigfoot video was filmed by me in 1993. My brother Dan
happened to be with me on this tracking expedition. As the video
indicates, the bigfoot creature was calm and docile, but I was still shaking
in my boots!  It was dusk, and all of a sudden the bigfoot came moving
through the brush beneath us.  As I struggled to get my video recorder
operating, it moved through the brush like a giant, upright gorilla.  I'm just
glad my brother was with me.  "Bigfoot sighting" has never been my
brother's "thing," but I had some how talked him into going with me for
this excursion.

I can only imagine the sheer physical power of these beasts; and I
believe if they ever wanted to bring us harm, they could have attacked
and kill us with ease.  This leads us to believe that their being docile
towards humans, seems to come from their understanding that both
human and bigfoot species are closely related.  They respected our
presence in the forest, as we certainly respected theirs...