Bigfoot Video - Early 1970
1970 Film - Undisclosed location - Atwood Lake area
-  Dellroy, Ohio
bigfoot videos
The above bigfoot film was shot in black & white by my father, Ron
DuPlatt.  It demonstrates how close my father was able to get to these
amazing creatures - notice the animal is not running away through fear,
but is moving off at a normal pace.  My father would spend months in the
wilderness, to get the chance to catch a glimpse of bigfoot.  He believed
that bigfoot creatures migrate, but return to the same areas.  Even
though they seem to be harmless, they still create fright in those who are
lucky enough to see one; their sheer size and odor is indescribable.

These films taken by my father still were not in color, and were hard to
get.  Bigfoot is an elusive and primarily nocturnal animal who is definitely
"human shy."  The bigfoot video above has been posted in Flash, making
it larger for closer scrutiny.