Bigfoot Videos
bigfoot videos
Evidence of Bigfoot as
presented in videos, from our
Bigfoot video collection.

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Bigfoot Videos
The bigfoot videos represented on this page were filmed by either myself or my father, Ron DuPlatt.  
After many years of studying the amazing bigfoot animal, my father bought his first video camera in
1968 and filmed bigfoot in black and white by the end of that decade.  That first
bigfoot video remains
lost to this day.  Other videos were made and eventually Ron acquired a color video recorder, as he
made some of his last videos before his death in 1985.
Bigfoot Videos
Bigfoot Video Early 1970
This video was shot by my
father in early 1970 and is
in black & white...

Bigfoot Video Late '70s  
Another old bigfoot video
filmed by my dad.

2003 Short Bigfoot Video
This video was shot near
Zoar, Ohio in an Atwood
Lake region forest.

New Bigfoot Videos
Latest Expedition
2007 Bigfoot sighting
videos for you to explore
from Our Bigfoot family!

Bigfoot Footage
Famous Bigfoot videos!

Bigfoot Video
More videos of Bigfoot!

Bigfoot Video 3
Still more Bigfoot clips!

North Carolina Bigfoot
Is this real or faux? Hmm...

Spokane Bigfoot Video
Faked by students? Look!

Cool! On the Trail of the
Bigfoot Videos!

Proof!  Bigfoot Reunion
Video shows the true
nature of Sasquatch!

Harley Hoffman Bigfoot
Watch the Video >

Iowa Bigfoot Video
Ukraine Bigfoot Video
Best Bigfoot Videos
Top 5 Bigfoot Videos
More Bigfoot Videos
Bigfoot Sitting Video  
This bigfoot video was shot
in 1982 in color by me, as
the animal rests.

Bigfoot At Dusk Video
Bigfoot was moving through
this forest in 1993 around

Hunting Bigfoot
Searching For Bigfoot
Video from Tom Biscardi
documenting a real bigfoot
hunting expedition.

Messin' with Sasquatch
Great fun Bigfoot videos!

Following the Bigfoot
Scent around the U.S.
Baby Bigfoot Video?
Skunk Ape Video
Bigfoot Thermal Image
Bigfoot Documentary!
I have been lucky to capture a couple bigfoot
videos myself, as I try and follow in the
footsteps of my late dad. He was the best at
developing a trust and understanding of the
creatures, only they understood.

Enjoy the evidence of bigfoot, as captured in
these videos and take time to examine them.  
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bigfoot video bigfoot video
bigfoot video bigfoot video
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