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Evidence of bigfoot as presented
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Bigfoot Video

The bigfoot videos on this page were filmed on our latest
expedition with my we existed with and among
the bigfoot family that we have come to know and
treasure so much.  These truly are amazing bigfoot

We feel fortunate to be able to spend time with the woolly
buggers, and to observe their unique survival methods and
social life.  In this case, we had the privilege of filming
and documenting a brute male whom we have dubbed
bigfoot video still bigfoot video still
bigfoot video still bigfoot video still
Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Video - Jack
This bigfoot video was shot
at our latest Fall 2006

Bigfoot Video Running  
Another bigfoot video of
Jack in full stride.  But why
is he running?

Bigfoot Dance Video
Incredible bigfoot video of
ritualistic type dancing by
the woolly bugger!
Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Sighting Video  
Jack clowning around after
a heaping pile of nuts and
some plums we brought.

Bigfoot Relief Video
Jack finds his trusty stump
and we got too dangerously
close to the bigfoot.

Sasquatch Videos
Check out these bigfoot
videos from the TV

Searching for Bigfoot
Tom Biscardi on the trail
of the woolly bugger!
During many filming sequences Jack
demonstrated his everyday life in our videos,
without a bit of shyness...or shall we say
finesse.  His crude behavior may come as
shocking to some, but for us it was a treasure
to observe the bigfoot's instinctive interaction
within his natural environment.
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Bigfoot Videos!
bigfoot videos
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