What is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot history in North America started in the early 1800s through the power of well known Native
American Bigfoot legend and newspaper articles by opportunistic journalists.  There were several
Bigfoot sightings that only added to the mystery of the Bigfoot creature.  What is Bigfoot?  What is

Bigfoot and Sasquatch are the same mythical creature believed to inhabit North American forests.  
Bigfoot seems to be most concentrated in the Pacific Northwest, but has been reported throughout
the North Americas.  
California Bigfoot sightings along with Oregon and Washington state seem to
be the hotspots of the woolly bugger tradition.  

It appears that different regions around the world have different names for possibly the same beast.
 In Tibet, Bigfoot would be known as "Yeti," while in Australia he would be known as "Yowie."  Is
Bigfoot the "abominable snowman" of the Canadian and United States' woods?  Some believe so.
The Lakota Indians of Wisconsin called Bigfoot "big elder brother," via the name "Chiyetanka."

Bigfoot is often described as a large, hairy, smelly, walking upright half, man-half ape creature.  
Many Bigfoot researchers believe that the animal is closer to human intelligence than basic primate
intelligence, and thus is able to elude capture.  Others believe there is either a UFO connection with
the giant hominoid or even an inter-dimensional being of a different species.  They cite that some
witnesses have seen Bigfoot simply vanish or disappear in plain view.  Is this why Bigfoot creatures
are so elusive?  Still others believe that a long thought extinct giant ape called "Gigantopithecus" is
the same creature, but somehow still survived through the ice age, and crossed over the Bering
Strait from China into North America.  Yet, still others theorize that some other form of
believed-to-be extinct ape is most likely Bigfoot.

There have been many researchers trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot, but with little or no
Bigfoot evidence seems to be highly contested, and inconclusive at best.  Bigfoot
pictures, Bigfoot videos, and other examples of possible proof have been analyzed for years with
little gleaned from them.  Fossil evidence of Bigfoot remains have not been found and the sheer
number of hoaxes annually add to the mystery and possible myth.  Does Bigfoot exist and if so, how
does such a large creature of 7-10 feet in height not only hide, but find a
Bigfoot diet to sustain
such a large mammal?

Though the thought of such a large creature is frightening, there have been very few
attacks.  If Bigfoot exists, there seems to be little known about Bigfoot sounds and Bigfoot
communication, but many Bigfoot theories exist as to the same.
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