Connecticut Bigfoot?

Is there a Bigfoot monster in Connecticut?  One lady thought so, and then...
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Connecticut Bigfoot Sighting?
A woman in Fairfield, Connecticut panicked as
she encountered what she thought was a Bigfoot
or Sasquatch creature.  Calling police in July
2009, she reported her Bigfoot sighting and that
she "almost hit a Sasquatch" which was standing
in the middle of the road.

What was even funnier was the sheer
ferociousness of her description.  She
freaked-out woman described the Bigfoot as
being eight foot tall and having "legs like tree
trunks."  The woolly-bugger then reportedly took
off when she flashed her high beams at it.

The Fairfield Police department was not amused
and agreed to search the immediate area.  They
discovered a 16 year-old boy who confessed to
standing in the intersection of Sturges and
Unquowa roads, apparently waving at vehicles
while his friends got a good snicker.  He wasn't
arrested for the prank, but simply handed over to
his parents.

What is most striking about the story is that the
boy was not eight feet tall, nor were his
costumed legs the size of tree trunks. This tends
to be a great example of how the fearing human
mind can embellish what it sees...even creating
enormous monsters of legend!
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