Bigfoot! Win a million dollars???
Hunt For Bigfoot & A Million Dollars!
Get your game on!  Pack your sleeping bag, camping equipment and head West to the San
Juan Region of Colorado.  Bigfoot Central, which is home of the Legend of Bigfoot
Museum in Silverton, Colorado, has announced a big dollar photography contest!

Can you capture a verifiable photograph of the Woolly Buggers that live in the area?  Do so, and
you will be a million dollars richer in the latest Bigfoot hunting contest.  So, why not take try your
luck and explore beautiful Colorado for a chance to not only capture a Bigfoot smile, but a huge
smile on your wife's face if you can do it?!  
Dates: July 10-14, 2010
Hunt for Bigfoot and a Million Dollars!
The Silverton, Colorado area
has a rich history of Bigfoot
sightings that date back a
couple hundred years.

Event Director, Rick Lewis
says, (there were) "recent
credible reports of sightings
and personal encounters
during 2009, and event
participants will be given 96
hours to locate and photo-
graph a live Bigfoot within a 100 mile radius of Silverton.  This is a
good time to make tracks to Silverton and join the hunt for North
America's most elusive creature and spend some time outdoors with
your family and hundreds of other Bigfoot enthusiasts."

Now, the promoters of this Bigfoot hunting contest know that
snapping a picture of Bigfoot is no small task, and should prove to
be quite difficult a challenge.  However, in the spirit of fairness and
wilderness etiquette, other prizes will be given for Best Physical
Evidence (such as tracks, shelters, hair samples, etc), as well as
Best Photographs of other wildlife.  

The Bigfoot hunt will conclude with a Bigfoot Bash of sorts, a closing
party complete with awards, catered dinner, drinks, live music and
dancing.  The party also includes a mystery guest speaker, Bigfoot
Swag, door prizes and a vendor expo.

Where: Silverton, Colorado
When: July 10-14, 2010

Bigfoot Museum
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