Maine Bigfoot? Bigfoot in Maine!
Bigfoot in Maine?
Has a video surfaced that could prove the
existence of a Maine Bigfoot?

A new video has drawn some attention
recently, as it reveals what looks to be an
ape-like creature.
Apparently, some friends of the video poster were out walking in some woods in Maine
when they spotted what some are calling a small Bigfoot.  Looking like a small monkey, the
animal was filmed perched fairly high up on a tree branch.  

Though some have speculated that maybe the furry enigma could be a bear, wildlife
officials are speculating that the video reveals a porcupine and not a Bigfoot.
Bigfoot in Maine
A still shot of the
possible monkey-like

Is it a young Bigfoot?

Video of the possible
Maine Bigfoot sighting.
It's interesting to note that there have been other Bigfoot sightings in Maine, dating back to
the 1800's around the Mount Katahdin region (Piscataquis County).  Since that time, there
have been at least 13 accounts of Bigfoot being spotted in Maine over the past 150 years.
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