Maryland Bigfoot?

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Maryland Bigfoot Sighting
Is this possibly a new video capture of Bigfoot in the Old Line State?

Recently, in December 2012, a Bigfoot video surfaced from Chuck Peters that some are
not taking serious. But, we felt it is worth a look see. After all, there have been quite a few
Bigfoot sightings in the state of Maryland over the years, and Chuck claims to have
witnessed this Bigfoot while filming Deep Creek Lake State Park from within a wooded
spot. The lake is located in Maryland's Garrett County.

Over the years, Bigfoot has been spotted in Allegheny, Anne-Arundel, Carroll, Cecil,
Dorchester, Garrett, Harford, Montgomery, Somerset and Washington counties.
Sightings of Sasquatch date back to accounts in 1970 when a girl reportedly saw a
woolly bugger when walking her dog and horse in woods. After that, there were some
accounts of Bigfoot being spotted in 1972-73. Several sightings were reported at
Conococheague Creek near the Potomac River. There have been many sightings since.
Chuck's Story of Bigfoot:

"I shot this video while filming the lake. I
think this was a Bigfoot. I always heard
stories from the local farmers about
seeing it." - Chuck Peters

Chuck's video is posted below...notice the
creature's long arm swinging through the
woods. Is this a Bigfoot? You decide for
yourself. The video is quite clear unlike
most videos we see.
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