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Minnesota Iceman Pictures
See Photos of the Legendary Frozen Bigfoot!
Just like a sideshow at a carnival, the Minnesota Iceman made his way from fair to festival 50 years ago. And then, the woolly-bugger disappeared, and the legend of a frozen Bigfoot has haunted people for decades, since. Photos and pictures of the Minnesota Iceman were very limited, too, which caused the mystery of the icy Sasquatch to become even more legendary.

The Iceman Cometh
Well, now, we not only have photos of the iceman, we can tell you where to go see him! It appears the Minnesota Iceman's original owner, Frank Hansen, who happened to live in the same state as the Bigfoot's pet moniker, had held onto him all these years. A decade after this gentleman's death, the frozen furball became available for sale. (He was locked in deep freeze for many, many years. We surmise the exhibit generated a ton of press and pressure to have it tested by scientists as proof. Frank probably just wanted to disappear!)
What is the Minnesota Iceman?
Now, for the good stuff: the Minnesota Iceman is not a Yeti from Siberia or a Sasquatch from Canada. How did the original sideshow owner acquire him? The old-fashioned way - Hansen shot the human-looking animal in the woods of Minnesota and then promptly carted the creature off to his freezer. We learned that the ice man took a shot to the eye and his arm is busted from the carnage. Being at least 6 foot tall, it is hair-covered and huge. The photos of the Minnesota Iceman, below) are from the time period the body toured the carnival circuit - sorry no fresh pictures of the meat on ice, just some originals from the Iceman's heyday (we're sure he's aged a bit over the years). But, if you want to see him up close, you'll have to take a trip down to Austin, Texas and visit the Museum of the Weird.