Minnesota Bigfoot?

Minnesota Bigfoot
Is there evidence of a Minnesota Bigfoot?
"Over the last three years, there has been a rash of Bigfoot sightings in Minnesota - over 75
cases of possible woolly-bugger cases, according to the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society.
There have been Bigfoot photographs and footprint castings, too. The plaster casts of Bigfoot
feet all differ, as if there isn't a stamp being used to create them.

Many local Northern Minnesotans believe in Bigfoot. Rumors of bones being found in the 1800s
seem to support the theory that giant ape-like creatures have lived in Minnesota for centuries or
bigfoot sightings - West Virginia
Video news
report of the
Bigfoot sightings,
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Photographs of the possible Minnesota Bigfoot, including footprint plaster casts:
Minnesota Bigfoot Plaster Casts of Footprints
Bigfoot casts made in Northern Minnesota do not
match. They are all different, meaning they were
not produce from one homemade stamp by
Latest Minnesota Bigfoot Picture.
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