Mogollon Monster - Arizona's Bigfoot

Bigfoot seems to be everywhere across the continental United States and abroad.  The
creatures are simply known by different names in the legends that tell of them.  Arizona is
no different, as its Bigfoot is locally known as the Mogollon Monster.

A 19-inch footprint was found near the side of a road by a group of Bigfoot investigators, one week
after their first encounter.  The expedition of four men (Kyle, Mitch, Preston and Alex) had just
finished investigating their discovery of broken branches made into a bed under low tree branches
and various deep impressions in the earth from whatever had created the disturbance near their
campsite a week prior.  The footprint became more evidence of what is known as the Mogollon
Having discussed this with a local ranger, the men
recount how the ranger had not seen any bears in the
area for a couple years.  Apparently, the ranger knew
there was something in the area, but could not put his
finger on just what.  It is likely that the idea of a Bigfoot in
Arizona had not crossed his mind until the four men had
shared their experiences.

We should summarize the events that occurred a week
prior.  Around 2:30 AM, a foul odor permeated the
campsite after an unsuccessful day of searching for
Bigfoot evidence.  No sign of the Mogollon Monster had
been detected.  Then, the odor was followed by
something pushing the tent downward upon the men.  
Needless to say, they became terrified!   When they got
outside the tent, there was nothing there, but the shaken
men soon left the site and headed to town for the rest of
the evening.  They returned later that day, but did not
find much evidence of anything.
 (Website: Mogollon Monster)

The men have since made a video or two that reveals
something moving in the background forest:
Mogollon Monster

A series of videos about
the Mogollon Monster.

In this first video at left,
there is movement in the
Arizona brush behind the
white t-shirt.


In this Arizona Bigfoot
video, you get more of a
peek at the terrain where
the Mogollon Monster is
thought to roam.


In this Bigfoot video,
you'll catch a glimpse of
a hairy arm and possibly
an eye.  Is it the Arizona
Mogollon Monster?


In this Mogollon Monster
video, a game camera
captures movement in
the lower left corner.  It
looks like a body moving
out of the screen.


The Arizona Bigfoot team
finds tracks in the snow.  
Is it the Mogollon
What is the Mogollon Monster?

The Mogollon Monster is a legendary creature that is
described as being a bipedal humanoid that is very
large and similar to Bigfoot descriptions.  They are
believed to be covered in long black or dark brown
hair and stand 6-9 feet tall.  Often, it is reported that
they are pungent smelling.

The Mogollon Monster has been sighted in central
and eastern Arizona along the Mogollon Rim, which
is where its name is derived.
The oldest known, documented sighting of the Mogollon Monster occurred in 1903, as the story appeared in the Arizona
Republican.  In that Arizona Bigfoot account, the creature was described with long, white hair and matted beard, drinking the
blood of two cougars it had recently killed with a club.  Apparently, it let loose an ungodly scream when it realized it had been

The Native American White Mountain Apache Nation in Arizona also has reports of sightings of the Mogollon Monster.  Tribal
sightings have also been reported in Arizona to police, who retell stories of the Bigfoot looking through people's windows at
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