National Park Service Bigfoot Warning Sign

National Park Service Bigfoot Sign

The National Park Service produces a Bigfoot warning sign for posting
The summer of 2008 sure had its share of Bigfoot stories, and it seems the National Park
Service has taken notice.  Due to concerns regarding humans coming into contact with Bigfoot
creatures, the NPS decided to produce signs to be erected with National Forests where Bigfoot
activity has been noted.

We interviewed Park Ranger Wally Fitzenburger when the story broke and here is what he had
to say: "Over the past few decades,
Bigfoot sightings have increased across the U.S. in
dramatic fashion.  With the advent of
Bigfoot videos, more evidence has come to light that
serves as what many feel to be indisputable proof that the Woolly Bugger does indeed exist.  In
fact, the National Park Service along with the Department of Fish and Wildlife no longer question
whether Bigfoot exists.  The question has become, 'How do both departments work in unison to
educate the American sportsman?'  You seem, our main concern is the safety of both the animal
and humans."

We decided to ask Wally if he could give us a preview of the Bigfoot Warning Sign the NPS is
soon going to be erecting in designated spots across the United States.   He agreed to give us
an artist's rendering of the warning, so we could beat Cryptomundo to the punch by sharing it
with you first.  Below is the official National Park Service Sign in its glory....
Bigfoot Warning Sign
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