Bigfoot in New Zealand?
Bigfoot Sightings
New Zealand Bigfoot
Bigfoot creatures in New Zealand have been reported for
almost 2000 years by the native Maori people. The New
Zealand Bigfoot is known as the Moehau, a mighty ape man
who lives in forests. The New Zealand Bigfoot is quite a bit
larger than human beings - some say the creature is two meters
- about 8 feet in height.

The New Zealand Bigfoot is typically considered to be very
aggressive, terrible, and with a horrible disposition, ready to
rend a man to pieces if encountered. The Moehau have been
reported to throw rocks at people, much like Bigfoot sightings in
North America. Bigfoot in New Zealand, though, is primarily
known by lore and the footprints that have been cast in plaster.
There has never been a
Bigfoot body found anywhere, and its
the same for the New Zealand Sasquatch. There are, however,
many incredible stories that exist of human encounters with the beast.

Europeans who settled in New Zealand started reporting Moehau sightings in the early
1900s. There were reports of the Bigfoot in the 1930s, 1940s, and then, a flurry of sightings
from the 1950s that put the New Zealand Bigfoot in the news media. It seems every
decade, new Bigfoot expeditions and reports surface in New Zealand. The New Zealand
Bigfoot has sometimes been described as having yellow, gray or silver fur, and
occasionally its been said to have claws. Many of the Bigfoot sightings are centered within
the Corramandel's Moehau Range - where the creature gets its name.
Video investigation of
1979 Bigfoot attacks in
New Zealand.
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