North Carolina Bigfoot Footprint
North Carolina Bigfoot Footprint
Hikers Find a Bigfoot Footprint on the Whiteside Mountain Loop Trail
L. Taylor wrote us this summer, providing us details and a
photograph of a possible North Carolina Bigfoot footprint.
Here's her story:

"This picture was taken around 9:00 AM this past July or
August (2011) after we had some pretty good rains for
awhile. I'm sending this one, un-retouched (no increased
contrast or sharpness), so you can see what it looked like
North Carolina's Whiteside Mountain Bigfoot Footprint?
at the time. My foot size is a 7 in hiking boots, and my husband was with me at the time.
He (more of a skeptic than I, and I am a skeptic), told people about it because, while he
wears a size 11 or 11.5 shoe, he said this was bigger than his foot. This was taken on the
main trail up Whiteside Mountain in the national forest there which is in North Carolina.
There is a loop trail where you take a right and hike up to the edge, and then, go around
the perimeter until you get to the main trail going down. The main trail is much wider and
an easier walk, gently sloping down. It was the only track I saw and was odd because of
the general muddiness of the place. It could be possible that someone might have taken
their boots off because of their feet hurting or something; but it would be strange if they
took their boot and sock off to put their bare foot in the mud, and then, have to walk down
the mountain. It (the footprint) was also going crosswise across the trail, from the woods
on the cliff side to the woods on the steep hill that leads up the mountain. There is a
natural 'path' along both ways that appears to be just an animal path.  I'm just putting this
in as 'evidence' if that's what it is."
Nice size Bigfoot
footprint is much
larger than the
size 7 boot at
Bigfoot Footprint - North Carolina
We found some information about North Carolina's Whiteside Mountain loop trail, here:
Whiteside Mountain Trail
Whiteside Mountain Loop Trail Hike

Why not take a hike there, seeing if more evidence can be found? Below is a map of the
area where the Bigfoot footprint was found. Interestingly, it is the same area identified by
Bigfoot researchers as
North Carolina Bigfoot territory due to the high frequency of Bigfoot
sightings reported there:
North Carolina Bigfoot - Whiteside Mountain Map
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