North Carolina Bigfoot?
North Carolina Bigfoot?
Does a Bigfoot Walk the Fields and Woods of North Carolina? Expedition Will Find Out...

It was recently announced in the beginning of 2011, that a man who came forward with his
Bigfoot sighting from many years ago will now plan on searching for the elusive Sasqatch in
the forests of North Carolina. Will he be successful in locating the monster who has haunted
his mind for many moons?

The man's name is Rick Lunsford and he claims to have seen a woolly-bugger at least 30
years ago when he was only 20 (in 1978). (Holy smokes! That would make Rick 52 years
old today by our estimation. Talk about getting a late start!) Rick is not only planning his
Bigfoot expedition but is looking for other sane people to join him! March 5th of 2011 will
mark the date when Mr. Lunsford and his team will begin scouring near Wilbar and
especially around Roten Creek Road. It was here that Rick saw the Sasqatch.

Rick does not anyone who joins his team to bring a gun, so to sign up, you best have
nerves of steel. Dogs are not invited, either. Apparently, there wouldn't be any room for the
the beasts, as at least 50 people have expressed interest in tramping through the North
Carolina jungle at night. Look out for them 'gators!

It's been said that rural North Carolina is not home to many reports of Bigfoot. It could be
that locals have just kept mum about it over the years, we suppose. Most Bigfoot sightings
in North Carolina seem to come from the western part of the state, so that makes
Lunsford's area a prime spot!
(See Bigfoot Sightings Map below.)
Above: Most Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina are on the western side of the state, although
some reports  have come from a few eastern areas, as well.

According to the Winston Salem Journal, Rick Lunsford's description of the Bigfoot he saw
in North Carolina is as follows:

"He described Bigfoot as being somewhere between 6 and 8 feet tall and as broad as a
refrigerator. Its arms were bowed out. It had dark hair, 3 or 4 inches long, on its arms. It
gave off a terrible odor, he said."

"...what he remembers most vividly" is "the creature's dark, round eyes and oval head."

To join the Bigfoot expedition in North Carolina, simply show up in the parking lot of the
Food Lion located on NCH 16 in Millers Creek, North Carolina on March 5th, 2011 and be
prepared for a long hike.

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