North Carolina Bigfoot?
North Carolina Bigfoot Video?
Does this fuzzy video really show a Bigfoot in North Carolina? Hmm...

Thomas Byers of Rutherford County, North Carolina claims to have video taped a limping
Bigfoot crossing the road. This woolly-bugger walks a lot like my Uncle Bob after he sat on
a nail one time. Ouch! If you look closely, this Sasquatch is holding his hip and hopping like
the Easter bunny in our opinion. But many feel it is real, so take a look at the evidence:
Video at left shows a
moving blob at dusk and
is believed to be a

Mr. Byers says the
Bigfoot growled at him
and a buddy and smelled
like the cross between
road-kill and a dead
North Carolina Bigfoot Picture - Video Still
Video still picture of the North Carolina

Byers says he really believes this is a
Bigfoot that he spotted crossing a North
Carolina road.
"I would say that his fur was long, and they say they have a face
like a man and all that. This guy, you could clearly see a distinct
face; but he was hairy all over. He didn't have one part of his
body that didn't have long, brown hair."
Thomas Byers also said he saw some white teeth when the Sasquatch growled. The friend that was with Byers did
not want him to follow the beast and can be heard in the video asking him not to follow it.
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