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Olympia Beer Bigfoot Contest!
April 2013 Contest Promises 1 Million Dollars for Proof

Famous Brewing Company, Olympia, is celebrating their great beer and the importance of Bigfoot to the Great Northwest. Prove Bigfoot - win money!
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Now you can submit your Bigfoot sighting report, or even better, a Bigfoot capture report to Olympia's Bigfoot contest for a $1,000,000.

(One BIG catch: The Bigfoot must be a "safe capture" with no wounds, maiming, etc. They want this Sasquatch alive, folks.)

To make this event even more special, Olympia Beer has teamed up with The Falcon Project - the most deepest search for Bigfoot in North American history. Can they find a live Sasquatch with your help? We hope so, and this contest for a cool mil has some fun stuff.
Mark the Spot Where You Saw Bigfoot
Below is a screenshot of a pretty awesome Bigfoot sightings map where you can check out where others have spotted woolly-buggers and mark the location of what you spotted (a Sasquatch, or at least a 6 pack of brewskies!).
What could be cooler than Bigfoot? Beer, of course!

(We like to chill our brews to about 35 degrees, just how Sasquatch, Yetis and your assorted cryptids prefer their's!)

Learn more about the contest at: OlympiaBigfootcom