Vermont Bigfoot

Vermont Bigfoot
Does Bigfoot Lurk Within New England? What About Bigfoot Reports in Vermont?
Vermont has a long history of Bigfoot sightings in and around the area. Sightings of
Bigfoot in Vermont have given us a good picture of the state's hot spot for Sasquatch
(See Vermont Bigfoot Map, below.)

The New England state has many legends about Bigfoot inhabiting forests, making
pig-like sounds, being 8' tall, walking like a man but looking more ape than human.

Bigfoot sightings in Vermont have been reported just east of Whitehall and all along
Route 4 in sort of the heart of Bigfoot sightings. Sasquatch has been seen from as far
north as Bennington, Vermont (near Lake Champlain) and southward as far as
Colchester, Vermont.
bigfoot sightings - Kansas
The map at left shows a nice ring of where most
Bigfoot reports have been made over the years.
Notably, there are heavy forests and Lake
Champlain in the Bigfoot hot spot.

Bigfoot Eating a Diet of Apples?
Huge sections of apples have been reported
missing from trees, much more than what local
wildlife normal pilfer. Frank Siecienski believes
the culprits are Bigfoot, and he has a Bigfoot
photo to prove his theory. Taken by the apple
trees at night, the Vermont Bigfoot picture,
below, is possibly evidence of its existence.

People believe this to be a female Bigfoot,
protecting a young Sasquatch that is hiding
underneath her. The TV show, Find Bigfoot,
recently visited the area to choose three stories
about Bigfoot sightings in the Vermont area.
Evidently, Frank's Bigfoot photo must have
caught their attention.
Is this a Bigfoot in the above photo taken with a trail cam? It's definitely hard to make out
what we are looking at - definitely furry, though. The thickness of the fur rules out a deer.
Whitehall, New York, near the Vermont
border, has been known for its sightings
of Bigfoot well before European settlers
came hundreds of years ago. Native
American peoples, such as the
Algonquin, Abenaki, and the Iroquis, have
described seeing "stone giants" or "giant
men of the mountains."
Sightings of Bigfoot have certainly impacted the Vermont area. In
the 1970s, a Bigfoot was spotted at golf course, Skene Valley, that
now uses Bigfoot as part of its logo. Even a statue of Bigfoot sits in
the town of Whitehall, today. The town also passed an ordinance in
2003 to protect the woolly buggers. Nice!
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