West Virginia Bigfoot?

West Virginia Bigfoot?

Is this evidence of a West Virginia Bigfoot?
"These are pictures I took at the end of August, beginning of September 2007.  We were at
Audra State Park, West Virginia.  We were hanging out on the rocks by the camping site and
there were a few houses along the water and woods surrounding them.  Which is why they look
kind of dark, but it was about 90 degrees and bright and sunny out.

The pictures shown are backwards in order.  The 1st is of the 2nd weekend in the same place.  I
was taking pictures of myself, and this was all the way in the background, which is why it doesn't
have the best picture quality.  This is as far as I could zoom it without distorting it too much.  My
aunt had seen something in the set of photos I had taken from the first weekend.  It looks like a
shrouded something, standing at the edge of the water facing us, between the tree and the
deck.  It is just the picture zoomed in.

This second picture is from the first weekend, which made me go and look at the pictures from
the 2nd weekend.  This one is the one my aunt spotted.  It's just a zoom shot.  It is standing on
the higher part of the deck this time.  Facing in a different direction and if you zoom in farther, it
looks like a blueish colored face outlined and maybe a hand?

These do not look see through to me and this deck is off to the side of the people's home.  No
one was out there at the time and it seemed completely empty and I did not see the figures
when I took the pictures.  Actually, until my aunt spotted them, I didn't even see it."
 - Angie  

The more one studies these images, the more one wonders about it possibly being a Bigfoot in
West Virginia.  It looks, big, hairy and solid.  What do you think?
bigfoot sightings - West Virginia
West Virginia Bigfoot
West Virginia Bigfoot
Above and Left:
Lightened versions of what may be the West
Virginia Bigfoot.
Next two photos show another big, solid
upright walking person or Bigfoot at the
park in West Virginia.  The first set of
photos and these were taken at the same
spot, one week apart!

Update!  WV Bigfoot Mystery Solved!!
We received the following e-mail 3-13-08:

"I got a kick out of the pictures of your
“West Virginia Bigfoot”.  The pictures that
the woman took are actually of my wife’s
family’s cabin (several of her relatives live
along the river in the homes that were
mentioned all year long).  The “Bigfoot” in
question is actually a tall wooden statue of
a WVU Mountaineer."               - Justin
The possible West Virginia Bigfoot
sighting occurs in the background of
this photo and another below.

Close-ups of the photo reveal
something big, solid and possibly hairy.
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