Woman with Bigfoot

How big is big?  
Here's a quick comparison of a woman with bigfoot.

This picture matching up a woman with bigfoot shows how much the animal towers over the
average female.  The average height of a woman is about five feet three inches, while the
average height of bigfoot is estimated to be about 9 feet.  Various sightings from around
North America have guessed the height of bigfoot to range between seven to twelve feet in

The woman with bigfoot picture also demonstrates the difference in body mass.  The
average weight of a woman in the United States is 162 pounds.  In comparison the average
weight of bigfoot is estimated to be 600 pounds.  Some have garnered the weight of bigfoot
to range between 300 to 1000 pounds.
woman with big foot
When someone first sees a bigfoot for the
first (and most likely the only time), they are
extremely surprised.  Maybe we would be
better to say "shocked."  Bigfoot is a huge
animal, and his sheer height and girth will
bring panic upon most people.

Looking at the picture to the left, could you
imagine if the woman actually encountered
bigfoot?  We'd bet that smile on her face
would disappear quickly and panic would
ensue.  We write all this so you may keep in
mind what just may be lurking in your nearby
forest.  So be wary if you are thinking about
going looking for the woolly bugger, as you
may not be able to handle your first
encounter!  An extra change of undies are
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